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National state of environment 2008 - Vietnam craft village environment

The state of the environment report 2008 on the environment of Vietnams craft villages analyses the status of the environment and the causes and negative impacts of environmental pollution, forecasts trends of the environment in the coming years, and defines status and limitations in management activities and on the basis of the findings obtained, provides recommendations for solving the environmental problems of craft villages and enhancing environmental protection in those areas.

Similar to the previous reports, the Driving forces - Pressures - States - Impacts Responses (DPSIR) model has been applied to this report. The term “Driving forces” has been defined as the development of production activities, market demands, education, awareness and infrastructure, etc. The term “Pressures” includes characteristics of production wastes, discharge volumes of pollutants in waste-water, emission, and solid wastes, etc. The state of environment has been determined by such parameters as TSP, NO, CO2, SO2, noise, etc. for air environment and COD, BOD5, Coliforms and colour for aquatic environment. The “Impacts of pollution” have been analysed by percentage of pollutionrelated disease contracted by people, economic losses and social issues caused by pollution. The term “Responses” includes integrated solutions to improve craft villages environment such as policy, legislative and institutional interventions, mitigation activities, education and awareness raising, and management and control. 

The report focuses on six (6) groups of craft villages that have caused environmental pollution and negative impacts on community health. For each group, some typical villages are analyzed as examples.

The report uses data on craft villages environment in recent years (2002  2008). Information for the period of 2002 to 2005 was used only for those craft villages that have yet to have changes in manufacturing technologies and in their impacts on the environment. The information is officially obtained from competent agencies and official sources.

The report comprises five (5) chapters:

Chapter 1: Overview of craft village development in Vietnam

Chapter 2: Craft village environmental pollution

Chapter 3: Impacts of environmental pollution in craft villages on community health andsocio - economy

Chapter 4: Shortcomings in craft village environmental management 

Chapter 5: Solutions for protecting environment in craft villages

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