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2010 National State of Environmental Report – An overview of Vietnam’s envinronment

       2010 National State of Environmental Report – An overview of Vietnam’s environment, which analyzes the state of environment, causes and impacts of envinronmental pollution in the period 2006-2010; identifies pressing environmental problems over the past years while at the same time acknowledging shortcomings in management activities, thus proposing environmental protection solutions in the future. Similar to the previous years, the report is based on the D-P-S-I-R model (Driving forces - Pressures - States - Impacts - Responses). Driving forces is the increasing population, the development of economic and social sectors as well as the urban and rural development… These processes have led to increase in the exploitation of natural resources, in emissions of substances polluting the air, soil and water environments, changes in land use structure, and worsening environmental quality, which would bring about environmental risks and problems. These, together with impacts of climate change, have caused great Pressure that changes the current status of the environment. The State of Environment can be measured with parameters: TSP, PM10, NO2, CO, SO2 and noise... (for air environment and noise); pH, COD, BOD5, SS, total N, total P, Coliform, color, etc (for continental surface water); salinity, pH and heavy metals… (for underground water); organic pollutants, heavy metals, oil content, etc (for sea water); land use, land degradation and pollution (for soil environment); forest degradation, terrestrial and marine biodiversity (for biodiversity); amount of solid waste arising, generated and undergone treatment (for solid waste). Impacts of environmental pollution are estimated by the proportions of residential communities contracting diseases relating to environmental pollution, economic loss and social problems due to environmental pollution. Responses are comprehensive solutions to prevent, minimize pollution and improve the environmental quality, including related policies and legal regulations and institutions, activities to diminish, manage and control environmental pollution to achieve the set targets for environmental protection.


Executive summary Download

Chapter 1. Socio-economic development and pressure on the environment Download

Chapter 2. Climate Change, Natural disasters, Environmental incidents and Pressures on the Environment Download

Chapter 3. Soil Environment Download

Chapter 4. Water Environment Download 

Chapter 5. Air Environment Download

Chapter 6. Solid Waste Download

Chapter 7. Bio-diversity Download

Chapter 8. Impacts of environmental pollution Download

Chapter 9. Environment Management Download

Chapter 10. Pressing environmental issues in the past 5 years and environmental protection goals for the next 5 years Download

Conclusions and Recommendations Download


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