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National state of Environment 2011 - Solid waste

 The process of industrialization in Vietnam is currently taking place rapidly with the formation and development of many production sectors and increased needs for goods, materials, and energy, boosting national socio-economic development. However, this has resulted in serious concerns about the environment, especially the handling of solid waste including domestic waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste, medical waste, construction waste, and hazardous waste.

The collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal of solid waste have become a headache for managers in almost all countries in the world, particularly in developing economies such as Vietnam.

In Vietnam, sustainable solid waste management is one of the 7 priority programs of the “National strategy for environmental protection until 2010 and vision toward 2020” and one of the priority contents of the development policy of Agenda 21 - Vietnam strategic orientation for sustainable


With the aim of evaluating solid waste-related issues in Vietnam in recent years, development trends and challenges, proposing solutions and recommendations to resolve such issues in the years to come, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has chosen “Solid waste” as the topic for the National State of Environment Report 2011.

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 Chapter  1. Overview of socio-economic development and solid waste management in Vietnam Download

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Chapter 7. Solid waste management: status, shortcomings and solutions Download

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