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Các trang web nổi tiếng

  • ESRI - Home of The GIS People. ERSI is the world's leading provider of GIS software, according to computer industry analysts.
  • MapInfo Home Page GIS,mapping and demographic analysis solutions.
  • GIS World, Inc. The world's leading provider of geospatial information.
  • Intergraph Mapping/GIS Makers of the following GIS/Mapping products and solutions: MGE, GeoMedia Pro, GeoMedia, GeoMedia Network, GeoMedia Web Map, GeoMedia Viewer, GIS Office, and GEOVEC Office.
  • Intergraph Corporation A comprehensive guide to Intergraph's wide range of GIS, mapping, cartograp. Also Intergraph Software Solutions - Mapping/GIS, GIS product applications and Industry Solutions for Business & Governments.
  • PCI produces software for Remote Sensing, GIS and Terrain Analysis, including EASI/PACE. Cartographic editing software in WYSIWYG environment reads 45+ GIS file types. Produces high quality maps. Designed by Cartographers for cartographers.
  • ILWS - remote sensing and GIS package with extensive possibilities for geographical analyses.
  • Geoplace.com The World's Leading Provider of Geospatial Information - Home Ad Index Advertising Archives Bookstore Classifieds Contact Us Downloads Events Forum GeoDirectory GeoNews GeoToons Help Links MarketPlace Publications Research Reprints Search Site Map Stocks Subscriptions Weather NEWSCENTER ONLINE.
  • GEO World
  • GEO Asia Pacific - publishers of GIS World magazine and GIS Asia Pacific. Includes GIS conferences, books and other information. The premiere online source for GIS Professionals in the Asia Pacific area
  • GEO Europe - publishers of GIS World magazine and GIS Europe. Includes GIS conferences, books and other information
  • Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN) in Australia. Holistic picture of the current Australian Environment. Data from many sciences including geography and ecology. ERIN also provide a interactive Distributed Spatial Data Library of Australian Mapping.
  • Environmental Solutions through GIS Software: >> SiteGIS - Subsurface environmental data management using MapInfo >> ModelGIS - Groundwater model MODFLOW interface with ARC/INFO.--http://www.hsigeotrans.com/Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). The vendors of Arc/Info and related GIS software and data. Includes ArcView V1.0 for free.


    Global Environmental Network for Information Exchange (GENIE)  Descriptions of data (metadata) that are relevant to global environmental research from both a physical and human perspective - information on demographics, climate, ecology, remote sensing, oceanography and geomorphology.
    Global Land Information System (GLIS) Metadata and samples for many data products, such as AVHRR, TM, DEMs, Aerial Photographs, SLAR, World Ecosystems, and World Soil Series

    Since its founding in 1970, ORSER has completed over a hundred projects involving the application of GIS and/or remote sensing to environmental and ecological analyses.


    GRID-Geneva (Global Resource Information Database)  GRID-Geneva is part of UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme). It provides GIS service and distributes free geo-referenced environmental data sets.


    UNEP/GRID - Global Resource Information Database

    - making environmental information more readily accessible to decision makers and environmental analysts. Timely and reliable geo-referenced enviromental info.


    -- http://www.pci.on.ca/

    IOSAT inc.

    provides rapid access to high resolution remote sensing satellite imagery. Direct downlink systems for RADARSAT, SPOT, Landsat, ERS, IRS and other satellite systems. --http://www.iosat.com/

    Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES)


    Groupement pour le Développement de la Télédétection Aérospatiale (GDTA) Professional training in REMOTE SENSING and GIS --http://www.gdta.fr/ Presenting Matra SystÌmes & Information As a systems architect and integrator for data, communications and imaging, MS&I is the European leader in image-processing ground based systems and applications, as well as the French leader in information and command systems.--http://www.matra-msi.com/


    ERDAS- leading supplier of image processing, spatial analysis and image visualisation software for all kinds of digital imagery, datasets and maps.-- http://www.erdas.com/




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